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Introducting Haptics Wallet: A revolutionary, decentralized, voice command enabled digital wallet designed for overcoming accessibility barriers. Accessibility. Inclusion. Empowerment.

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Haptics Wallet titled on a blue platform. The screen displays the wallet signup page with our logo.

Adaptive Experience

Voice commands, Type commands, and Haptics are embedded into the framework to deliver a seamless, easy to use experience for all users. Your experience will be shaped by your personal preferences. Technology should adapt to you, not the other way around.

Two wallet screens. The first is a voice command screen with the command go to my portolio. The second shows the user's portolio with time ranges and a graph.

AI Engine for User Intent

AI Engine in the center, a chip with AI written on it under a hexagonal platform. To the left is a microphone and type symbol for inputs. The right shows arrows coming out with the labels navigate, data, and transactions.

Precision-Powered Intent Recognition

Commands are refined through a custom AI engine to ensure accuracy. The user always has the final say for any transactions. Users can also communicate with the application to explore available commands types.

Trusted By Leading Organizations

Proudly backed and/or supported through grants by leading projects in the ecosystem, and growing...

An image of Chainlink's Logo. Chainlink is an oracle solution that provides data to blockchains.Alchemy Logo. Alchemy is a node provider that allows us to connect to the blockchain.Startup with chainlink logo. A professional program for prominent startups.Truflation logo. Truflation provides up to date live aggregate inflation data.Ethereum Foundation logo.

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Accessibility. Inclusion. Empowerment.



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